Second birthday present ideas

9 Jun

If you need to buy a present for a new two year old, you might be stuck for ideas. Two years olds generally have a lot of toys from their earlier years rattling around, but tend to not be old enough for other easier gift ideas. Here are some ideas of gift substitutions that you […]

Behind a Fake Bookcase or Inside a Hollow Chest of Drawers: Four Places to Hide Your Gun Safe

18 Mar

Legally, you have to store your gun in a gun safe—you can’t hide it in a hollow book on your bookshelf or underneath your pillow. However, if you want your guns completely out of sight, you can hide your gun safe. Here are a few ideas to explore: 1. A Recessed Wall Safe A recessed […]

Long-distance flowers: 5 tips to keep blossoming romance alive

26 Feb

Are you in a long-distance relationship or temporarily separated from your beloved? Are you wooing a special someone who lives overseas? Ordering flowers online or by phone is a great way to keep the path to true love smooth. Here are 5 tips to make those bouquets extra romantic, even at a distance. 1. Choose […]