Long-distance flowers: 5 tips to keep blossoming romance alive

Are you in a long-distance relationship or temporarily separated from your beloved? Are you wooing a special someone who lives overseas? Ordering flowers online or by phone is a great way to keep the path to true love smooth. Here are 5 tips to make those bouquets extra romantic, even at a distance.

1. Choose carefully

It is easy, especially if not particularly you aren't knowledgeable about flowers, to just order the season's special or 'florist's choice' arrangement. However, if you put a bit of thought into your selection—remembering any previously-expressed preferences, favourite colours or the personal style of your dear one—you are sure to earn brownie points. Even if you get them wrong, at least you tried!

2. Those extra touches

If you are able to, ask the florist to incorporate some especially personal or sentimental touches into the bouquet. Perhaps a couple of her favourite chocolates, tied to the bow? Or a burgundy ribbon around the roses, the same colour as his cravat on your wedding day? Your additions can be classy or cheesy, as long as you know they'll trigger fond recollections of happy times together.

3. Handwritten card

This one requires some planning ahead, but it is one of the most effective strategies when aiming to warm someone's heart remotely. Instead of a printed message in a gift card selected by the florist, post your own handwritten card to the flower company and ask them to attach it to the flowers. Most florists will be happy to accommodate you if you send the card in plenty of time. 

4. Delivery notification

Ask to be notified by text or email when the flowers have been delivered (most online flower delivery companies will offer this service). Then you can call your loved one immediately and tell them again why they are worth all the attention. You can also bask in the fresh gratitude!

5. Keep them coming

This is one of those rare situations where quantity can be more important than quality! Which would you find more romantic? A single red rose sent every day your sweetheart is missing you, or one big enormous bouquet in the middle of your 2 week trip? Admittedly, both would be well-received, but regular gifts are an indication someone is thinking of you often.

They say absence makes the heart fonder, but absence combined with well-considered and romantic floral gestures, is guaranteed to make the heart fonder still! For more information, contact a company like Flowers Of Paradise.