Behind a Fake Bookcase or Inside a Hollow Chest of Drawers: Four Places to Hide Your Gun Safe

Legally, you have to store your gun in a gun safe—you can't hide it in a hollow book on your bookshelf or underneath your pillow. However, if you want your guns completely out of sight, you can hide your gun safe. Here are a few ideas to explore:

1. A Recessed Wall Safe

A recessed wall safe makes use of the empty gaps between your walls. Essentially, you need to knock out the plaster on one side of the wall, set the gun safe in the cavity between the walls and anchor it to the floor. Then rebuild the plasterboard around the safe, just as if you are fixing a hole in a wall.

If the safe is flush with the wall, you can cover it with framed art, a full length mirror or some tapestry.

2. A Secret Closet

Anyone can put a gun safe in a closet, but if you want your safe even more hidden, disguise the closet doors as bookcases. You can make or buy bi-folding closet doors that look like bookshelves from the outside. However, with a gentle push or pull of your hand, you can move the shelves aside to reveal a closet full of guns nestled in their gun safes.

3.  A Hollow Chest of Drawers

An old chest of drawers (that is slightly larger than the gun safe) is the perfect way to disguise a gun safe. To make the chest hollow, removal all of the drawers. Dismantle each drawer so that you have the front of the drawer detached from the sides and back.

Then, reattach the front of the drawers to the chest of drawers using strong wood glue or small nails. Now, the chest looks as if it has drawers, but its inside is hollow. Remove the very bottom of the chest, and slide the chest over the gun safe as if it is a decorative sleeve.   

You can emulate this trick with all kinds of hollowed out items including juke boxes, kitchen cabinets, entertainment stands and anything else you can think of.

4. A Bed Frame

If you want to sleep on top of your guns to ensure they never get stolen, you may be able to build a gun locker into a bed frame. Instead of a box springs, you place your mattress on a double metal locker. You can anchor it directly to the ground, or you can have it sitting slightly above the ground on metal legs that are anchored to the ground.