Second birthday present ideas

If you need to buy a present for a new two year old, you might be stuck for ideas. Two years olds generally have a lot of toys from their earlier years rattling around, but tend to not be old enough for other easier gift ideas. Here are some ideas of gift substitutions that you can buy them that should get you some brownie points with the parents as well as kids.

Instead of a new outfit —> Ugg Boots

Toddlers of this age are starting to outgrow their footie pyjamas but will still get chilly toes heady around the house. They also love being independent so some warm and comfy boots that they can put on and take off themselves are bound to be a winner. Let someone else buy them a dress or dress shirt they'll wear twice, while you buy them the Ugg boots they'll wear every day. Ask the parents what the child's favourite colour is in order to help you narrow down your options.

Instead of a soft toy —> Construction blocks

As children head into their toddlers years they start to focus on fine motors skills like building. Some easy to snap together hard blocks will be popular with children of both genders and will be played with for years to come. As an added bonus they wipe clean so that drooling and chewing toddlers can't cause too much damage. Just to be sure to get a set of block recommended for children 2+ as small block can be a choking hazard while kids are still putting toys in their mouths.

Instead of a book —> Some new kids music or audio books

Parents of small children may get tired of read the same books of listening to the same music over and over. Choosing them a new album of cool kids music is great for the kids and can make car trips go much easier for all concerned. These can also be left on at night while mum and dad put other children in the family to bed and stop everyone going a little nuts reading the same book over and over again. 

A snuggly pair of boots or new blocks will be a great gift to remind the children of you every time they use them. Choosing a unique gift can help your gift stand out from all the others and brighten the child's special day.