How POS Software Can Reduce Losses in Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry has many possible avenues for willful or accidental losses to occur. These range from employee theft to fraudulent customers paying with false cheques. This article discusses how you can use point of sale software to limit these losses.

Fingerprint Authorization

Configure the POS system in such a way that employees can only access it by the use of their fingerprints. This approach will ensure that employees do not ask their colleagues to sign them in when they are not yet at work. In this way, you will be able to prevent losses that you incur due to paying employees for "work done" when they were not at their stations.

Automate Deposits to Your Vault/Safe

Many restaurants suffer massive losses due to robberies. You can reduce the magnitude of this loss by linking all tills to the vault or underground safe so that the system automatically deposits money into the vault when it reaches a certain amount. The system can generate a deposit slip credited to the employee whose till has just made that deposit so that at the end of the day there is no difficulty balancing the different employee tills.

Use Manager Overrides to Effect Ticket Changes

Some employees of restaurants steal by editing tickets once a customer leaves. For instance, the employee can void a ticket that was issued for a meal and then pocket the money that was paid. You can reduce this kind of theft by configuring the system in such a way that only a manager can edit a ticket once it is entered in the system. In that case, the employee will have to contact the manager in order rectify genuine mistakes that were made as a ticket was being processed for a customer.

Regard Coupons as Cash

Some restaurants issue discount coupons in order to promote sales. How can you be certain that your own employees are not redeeming those coupons? POS software can help you to track coupons. The system can be programmed to demand any coupons a customer may have before he or she pays the discounted price. Those coupons can then be kept in the cash register, and you can call a few customers to confirm that they took advantage of your coupons when they had a meal.

Protect the profit margins of your restaurant by looking for a POS vendor whose system can allow you to implement as many of the safeguards above as possible.