No Smoke Without Fire? Weird Vape Flavours You Could Try

If you're looking for something new to smoke but aren't inspired by the frequent flavours you see floating around vape shops, you're in luck! There is a whole world of weird and wonderful liquid flavours out there if you know where to look. Here are a couple of options that are available — if you're brave enough!

Birthday Cake

For those with a sweet tooth, this may be a good choice. For everyone else, it's likely to be overwhelming, but isn't there something satisfying about the idea behind this? For starters, it's probably not even your birthday — which may not be the most rebellious thing you've ever done, but at least it's somewhere on that spectrum. Ice cream fans may recognise the flavour, as it's popped up in that industry recently too.


Are you surprised? You can buy bacon-flavour toothpaste on some dark corners of the internet, so of course somebody has developed bacon-flavour vape liquid. If you're a big fan of it, then this could well be worth a try. Whether it will measure up to the real thing is another question entirely. Either way, expect to see a few confused faces if you vape this around other people.


It's probably easier just to get your coffee fix in drinkable form, but for those who can't get enough of the caffeine, there's a vape liquid to bridge the gap between your first and second coffees. At least this is a flavour you might feasibly expect to encounter during the day — but in vape form, maybe not so much.


You might want a bottle of water nearby for this one, but fans of savoury things will be delighted to try this flavour out. It's also a much wiser way of indulging a sodium habit than sprinkling crazy amounts of it on your food, so . . . technically, you could consider this a healthy option. If you squint.


If you're struggling with your diet, then this novelty flavour has you covered. Mind you, there's no guarantee you won't want to hit up your local pizza parlour for the real thing soon after. What specific type of pizza the makers of this flavour had in mind as they produced it will be a mystery until you vape it, but you can expect notes of cheese and tomato at a bare minimum—not exactly the kind of flavours you'd usually expect to vape, but to each their own.

Of course, some who favour traditional tobacco flavours will find even common options like apple and mixed berries unusual, but as the industry expands, so do your options for vape liquid. Keep your eyes peeled for something interesting, and you never know what you'll be able to try next.